Villa life

After alighting? jumping? landing? setting foot on terra sandy I was handed my luggage and abandoned. Ok. It wasn't quite the deserted island seen in pirate films. I was no Robinson Crusoe. It was like a market of tourists, luggage, souvenir sellers, tour touters, and a cat. No really, there was a cat. As it turns out, that's quite a few on the island. Tropical cats! On arrival at my villa it turns out they had sent someone to meet me on the beach. I didn't know to look out for them though, so I did my usual self sufficient thing and secured transport. There are no cars on the island and I'll admit it's the first time I've hailed a pony cart.

I dubbed my trusty steed 'Uber' and greeted my driver with a smile, random words, and some form of common charades that we both seemed to understand. I'm sure I paid top Rupiah for my journey, but I had no context with which to haggle and I really just wanted to get to my villa without dragging my luggage along the sandy road. Check-in was at Villa Bella, my home away from home for the coming week plus. How I managed to secure a one room villa with private pool for less than $AU100/night I will never know. I truly did land on my feet with this though. The villa is beautiful, with a spacious bathroom, comfortable bedroom, private sitting lounge/deck, and beautiful pool. Oh, and did I mention the villa comes with breakfast which they will either bring to your villa or setup for you on the beach? Fruit platter, crepes, freshly squeezed juice, or whatever you fancy.

Villa Bella - One room villa with private pool

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It didn't take me long to settle in before I was lounging beneath an umbrella by the pool after a cooling dip.

Yes, I think this will do nicely.

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