Goose attack

Today was a day to explore more of the island of Gili Trawangan. So off I went, inland first and across to the otherwise of the island. It only takes about 20 minutes to cross east to west. Then for the mammoth walk south and back around to my side. The interior is a lot of this (pic above), scattered with shacks, a few off the path villas, and land for sale if you're looking to buy. And a lady waking three geese. Now I know geese; they're evil, attack birds hell bent on domination. So I went for the submissive option. Stand still, don't make eye contact, don't panic. One of three geese walked right up to me. I should have known these things must have a reputation when the owner lady started shouting at the geese in Indonesian. At this point, the lead goose started PECKING MY FOOT! If geese had sharp pointy breaks I'd have had major arteries severed. He/She really got stuck into the task at hand. As such I risked losing a toe. So I opted for plan b; walk... fast... and smile at the poor, horrified, apologetic goose lady. I chucked and reassured the lady I was fine, all while thinking that woman deserves danger money for working in a high risk environment.

The rest of my walk was uneventful. A somewhat exhausting two hours in the stifling humidity, but worth it. The 'other side' is beautiful. More exposed, with crystal aqua waters, white sandy beaches, a calmer environment, and home to Kokomo. I shall return, perhaps by island pony-Uber though.

Kokomo dacquiri

Now to motivate to get up early tomorrow for sunrise. 6:00am is hardly civilised. Yawn.

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