A journey begins

As those who know me will attest, I love to travel. I love to explore and touch and smell and see and hear and... everything! I like being anonymous; sitting back and watching a world so foreign to my own. And then I love coming home to the familiarity; the tastes and sounds that are a part of my small corner of the world. My own bed, a cuddly kitty, and Vegemite. Although, if only time and money would permit I'd be jetting off again as soon as the loads of laundry were done and the dust washed off.

Photographer unknown - All credit to him/her.

So why bring this up now? Well, it's been too long. Whilst I have explored this big island and enjoyed many a trip for work and pleasure over the past few years, I need to spread my wings a bit further. Time and budget do not permit for my usual (and preferred) five week dive into lands unknown, but as the Easter break looms I have seized the opportunity to tack on a few extra days and on a whim booked an island getaway. I'm heading off the the Gili Islands in Indonesia for 10 days over Easter, where there are no cars and life is slow.

Villa Bella - One bedroom with private pool

It ocurred to me that this might be the longest solo journey I have done that hasn't involved planes, trains, automobiles, and many thousands of miles traversing across countries. Instead, I have reserved a small villa with a private pool on the Gili Trawangan. The whole island is walkable in a couple of short hours. This mini break is about limiting the option to want to do everything, and reducing the over stimulation to calm days of massages, reading, swimming, cocktails, and turtles. Did I mention that the Gilis are the turtle capital?!

So stay tuned and lets see what happens next. Expect photos of my feet in the sand, my feet in the pool, cocktails, sunset selfies, and adventures with turtles.

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