Who am I?

Me - the extroverted introvert

I think I have found out why people think I’m an extrovert when I know I’m not!

There is no denying I am an introvert at heart; I recharge in my own space, internally, alone. I need time to process. I can be social and bubbly and extroverted but it uses an enormous amount of energy, and I need to be alone to get that energy back.

It seems I tick each of these boxes...

  • You're great with people

  • Until you're not

  • You prefer one-on-one

  • You have social anxiety

  • You love being alone

  • But still get lonely

  • You can meet anybody

  • You find friendships that need maintenance exhausting

  • Sometimes you're bad at messaging

  • You don't like compliments

  • You're happiest in cafes

  • You like going out, but then you want to ghost

Take a look at the source article for more detail on each of the above points.

Credit/Source: 12 signs you're an extroverted introvert

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