Lady Fran's Kitchen

To get a little variety and inspiration into my evening meals I thought I would give Hello Fresh a go. It's only too easy to get stuck in the routine of work and play. I then find myself uninspired and unmotivated when it comes to cooking meals. So I end up with the usual 'go to' recipes and lazy meals which soon grow tiresome. Thanks to my parents my brothers and I were all encouraged to cook when we were kids, so there is no excuse for not being able to whip up something tasty in the kitchen. It just takes planning, preparation, and time. All of which get pushed to the end of the priority list when it comes to the rest of the activities I have squeezed into my days. 

Hello Fresh deliverys fresh ingredients and a great variety of recipes each week which has me motivated to cook each night, and so far the results have been fabulous! You can have a bit of a read about my first impressions via my blog Hello Fresh to a new year.

This page is about sharing my experiences (and pics), as well as giving you the a chance to try them yourself! I encourage you to download the Hello Fresh recipe card and have a go. The ingredients are all simple to get from your local supermarket, and the cards will give you a run down on the nutritional value of the meal. Hit up some of the tasties, I promise you, you won't forget it.


Step 1.  Click on an image to see it bigger and better.  

Step 2.  If you like the look of the dish, click 'Go to link' beneath the image to download a PDF of the recipe card.