Living, loving &
being me

Hey, I’m Lady Fran. I grew up in Bells Beach with my parents and four younger brothers. I now live, work, and play in Melbourne, Australia.  Although I adore life in the big city, with the eclectic and diverse population of the weird and wonderful, I also feel the pull of the peace and pace of a quieter life on the coast.


I am a fan of photography and wine. I'm a mobile phone addict and love my Android. I love trying new things; things that are challenging, fun, adventurous. 


Travel is one of my outlets. I adore exploring the world. Seeing, touching, tasting, experiencing. Our planet is an incredible place. I never tire of discovering somewhere new and so different from my own little space on the earth. 


My friends and family are my life. I try not to make work my life but there's no denying it takes up a significant part of my days. Through my work, I like to think that my efforts somehow contribute in a small way to a wider excellence in women's health in Australia and New Zealand. 



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